What If ... ?

Hello and welcome to your public art adventure!

We are happy you are here.

You must be curious about this new installment at Waneka Lake.

Instructions are simple -- pick up a piece of chalk at the pillar, then write down your ingenious, innovative and inspiring answer to the question: “What If …?”

It can be anything you imagine … for example: What if … Lafayette were a no kill city for companion pets?

There are no right or wrong answers, everyone may participate and have a voice. Your idea may spark another idea; together we can collect a long list of future “hopes” for our not-so-small town anymore. As we grow, we face challenges, but together we can come up with ideas with the real possibility of success. 


We encourage answers that are possible, yet far reaching; unique and whole-hearted ideas that can and will bring good things to come!

This piece of art is designed and exists because it needs everyone's engagement and involvement. Let’s come together to make something concrete. If we can conceive it, we can create it.

This installment exists thanks to two Lafayette moms -- artist Sarah Spencer and Julie Marshall, who are both grateful to the Lafayette Public Art Committee, Cultural Arts Commission, and Parks, Open Space and Golf for making their vision a reality for all to share. Thanks to Joe Strickland for building it so you will come, and to local businesses Lafayette Lumber and Jax Ranch & Home store for their generous donations.


So grab that chalk, then come back here and watch for your answer to be added online to the Your What Ifs page. Also, please join the Members Page to help us reach out when it's time to vote!

Thank you!



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